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Hello Oliver, thanks for taking the time to speak with us at Virtus, where in the world are you right now?

Hey, I'm home in south Germany right now enjoying my holidays. 


How has life been for you in the last few months with no touring and being 'locked down'?

Of course it was a shock not be able to travel and play anymore. But for me personally it was kinda refreshing as well not to have this stress of travelling and that lack of sleep I have usually. And also I am pretty lucky. I got the chance to return to a full time job. So this lockdown doesn't affect me too much economically. I bought a new bike and instead on the worlds club floors you'll find me biking in the black forest here around my hometown. Long time since I felt that exercised! :-)


Can you tell us a bit about how you first became interested in electronic music, specifically techno?

Must have been around 1993 when some friends took me to Sven Väth's  Omen Club in Frankfurt. Since that night I am addicted to Techno and its scene.


Was producing your own music a natural progression for you from mixing other artist's music?

Yes, I mean. My passion for Djing came first. But producing my own stuff, watching people dance to my own tracks was always in my mind too. Experiencing this moment while dancing the first time was magic for me. It was Michael Mayer from Kompakt playing a Gowentgone track from my Vidab record label at Panorama Bar around 2008 I think. 


As a producer, which release of yours do you think really helped to propel your career forward and gain you significant recognition?

I think one of the most important was my first EP. Siem Reap on Vidab Records. Later my first album of course and my EPs on Mote-Evolver and Hotflush helped a lot too, I think. 


Your latest release 'School of Hard Floors' on Made Of Concrete is a clear example of how powerful, stripped techno should be. What was your inspiration behind these tracks and can you tell us some of the processes used to create?

All my tracks are products of pure randomness. Those MOC tracks were inspired by old heroes like Robert Hood, Steve Bug. The track titles came in the end. I wanted them to be reminiscences for some of my favourite Berlin club floors. So, track first, story later!


When writing music, what is your go-to favourite piece of hardware/software?

Ableton combined with my UAD bundles and a bit of native instruments and a huge sample bank.


As a DJ, what other artists are you really digging right now?

Right now? Difficult, haha. Ask me again after all this pandemic shit please.


The last few months have really taken their toll on the nightlife and events scene across the globe, how do you feel it can recover and do you think there will a slight shift in lineup sizes of big artists due to financial strain?

I think the so called Business Techno DJs and their bookers will try hard to get in again. Even with much lower fees. This would be a bad thing as it would minimise the chance for the 'smaller' DJs to shine and get their piece of the cake which they earned. I hope clubs and promoters see this as a chance to support their local scene and residents and at the same time fight the greed and commercialisation and all its  surrounding circumstances our scene had to suffer from in the last years. I really, really hope this will happen and also younger crowds will realise that the last thing this scene needs is something like a pop-stardom!


If you could give one piece of advice to anyone wanting to start a career as a DJ/Producer, what would it be?


Just do it. You will only regret if you never tried.

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