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Hey Ash, thanks for taking the time to speak with us at Virtus, where in the world are you right now?


Thanks for having me! I am in my kitchen at my humble abode in Southampton.


For the people that haven't heard of you, can you tell us how the A.S.H project has come about and how you first became interested in electronic music, specifically techno?

So, the project of A.S.H has come from me starting completely fresh under a different name after a break from the scene year or so ago. With the help from the We Are The Brave team and some close mates, I first got into the music industry many many years back but I would say I got into techno specifically around 2008.


Not many artists can boast of a first release on such a credited and respected imprint like We Are The Brave, how did your relationship with Alan Fitzpatrick come about and how does it feel to be such a big part of the label family?


Yeah, it felt really good to have had my release on such big label and exciting at the same time. I’ve had a close relationship with Alan for over 15 or so years now. I actually met him through my best mate Dave in his kitchen back in the day when he was dabbling into a bit of hard house! Ha Ha Ha! It took off from there I guess. It’s that cheeky smile of his, I can’t get enough of it! hahaha


Your first release on the label consisted of two tracks and since then another huge output with 'Agenda' on the latest WATB compilation, would you say that your new and upcoming 4 track EP really showcases everything about you as a producer right now?

Yeah you could say that as they are all different, which it what I like to do throughout my sets also. Most of the tracks in the EP have breakdowns that can properly get you in the moment on the dance floor or behind the decks. When I go into the studio, I generally have an idea of what I want to come out with, as I have some ideas in the back of my mind, but that can all change, you just never know.


In the studio, where do you draw inspiration from?

My love for music and the enjoyment I get from playing my own music at gigs and seeing the reactions from the crowd is all the inspiration I need.


When writing music, what is your favourite go to hardware/software plugin that you really love to use in your tracks?


Reason 10 and the Moog sub37!


As a DJ, what would you say has been your most special gig to date?

Would have to say, We Are The Brave’s take over at the telegraph building for NYE shine, Belfast, was very special!! It was just such a good line up of artists which made it have that family vibe all night, and the venue is amazing. Such a big space, which is industrial and warehouse in style. Sound is awesome. Also, as it was for NYE, the countdown was legendary!


What DJ's music are you really feeling in your sets at the moment?

Well I suggest you go and listen to one of my latest sets on Soundcloud or come and see me play! Ha ha, I have a new mix coming out soon, which has a track list. So, I’ll leave it there! But I do love to support a lot of new artists and also those who are on the label, as we are like a family and they are all such talented producers.


If you could give one piece of advice to anyone thinking of starting out a career as a DJ/Producer, what would it be?

Make or play what you love and feel passionate for, be patient and committed!

Where can we catch you next?

Got a nice holiday break so next for me is the garden party in Southampton July 13th – come down if your about! Should be a great one and its local which is really important for me to support smaller venues and local promoters.



A.S.H’s EP ‘Together’ is out on the 24th May on We Are The Brave

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