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Hi Dimitri! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us at Virtus. Can you tell us a little bit about how you first got into Electronic Music?


Hey guys, thanks for having me! Actually, it was my older sister who got me into music. She was a young raver and I tried to follow her everywhere she went when we were little. Eventually, I was old enough to get into some parties and that's when I started to get deeper and deeper into music and this sound specifically. I actually made my first production when I was about 15 years old and it was a drum n bass track.


Having a very unique sound, could you talk to us about what influences you when producing a track?


I have one main rule, which I have been following for years – never made the obvious sound. The melody could be simple but the synth I use should be interesting and make people wonder what kind of gear was used. Sometimes its quite hard to make a dancefloor track with this kind of approach.


In 3 words how would you describe your sound?


Ranjeeshpuram's morning alert


We understand that you're from Moscow. How is the Electronic music scene out there?


Oh guys, I really enjoy it at the moment in Moscow. You can find anything you want to these days in Russia. The younger generation is so open-minded and we have all the resources to produce, share and bring all kinds of artists we want. It's a great time for electronic music scene despite the fact that we have quite strict government rules, it hasn't yet spread to affect the music industry. Moscow has more commercial venues and Saint Petersburg is more sophisticated in its way of hosting parties, so you can get anything you want during a weekend here.


You've played now in quite a few locations over Europe and even Indonesia. What would you say is your most memorable gig to date?


It’s quite tough to choose but I would say the last party with Tiga in Moscow was top notch! Also, I played a gig at Rex in Paris, with Romain and that was unforgettable. Moog in Barcelona with all the  Envolvent family last weekend during Sonar OFF week was dope!


Can you run us through your studio setup and what are some of your go-to pieces of equipment when creating a track? (VST/Hardware)


My studio setup is very simple actually, I'm like Max Cooper - all comes from the box. I use arp2600 and sh101 VST's, but my favourite is Ableton's "operator" - you can make really unique sounds when you spend some time with it. Also, I’ve been using SoundToys for effects.


Your latest EP "Blaze" has been released on Tiga's Turbo Recordings with a stellar remix from Florian Kupfer. Blaze and Krondsh have very crunchy sounds with powerful drums hammering the track through and 007 taking a slightly more laid-back approach. Can you talk to us a little bit about how the tracks come about and the process you went through making them?


The lead track ‘Blaze’ I produced when I got my new laptop without using a VST or anything else. It’s a 100% Ableton track. I used a few samples of course, but just for the vox part. With ‘007’ that was done a year back in Bali, so the atmosphere I’ve tried to translate is very similar as you described. ‘Krondsh’ was made for the dancefloor, and it worked very well the last time I played it.



Can we expect any more productions from you this year?


Hopefully, it's going to be a release on Kompakt next year, and the EP will have 4 electro tracks where I am rapping or singing a little. Of course, I will continue to work with Turbo and a remix for Tiga’s ‘Stay Cool’ and ‘Sunglasses At Night’ which is in progress at the moment


If you have one tip you could give any aspiring DJ/Producer what would it be?


Finish your tracks, always. Whether it's bad or good.


Lastly, where can we catch you playing in the coming months?


I have to go to Indonesia for some summer inspiration, and after that, I hope to make a very interesting album. I haven’t got tons of gigs confirmed at the moment, but Mosaique in Saint Petersburg and Renate in Berlin are on the waiting list when I come back.


Dimitri Veimar's Latest EP on Turbo Recording's is now available:








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