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Hey Fer, thanks for taking the time to speak with us at Virtus. Where are you in the world right now? 


Hello , i'm in la Coruña , I'm playing at Wake Up Electronic Parties with Marco Carola .


Can you tell us how you were first introduced to electronic music and what inspired you to become a DJ/Producer?


My first contact with the electronic music was a cd that my cousin lent me around 2000... I never listened to techno before and i fell In love... a few years later in 2003  I had the chance to go a real techno party with Jeff Mills , Christian Wunsch and Paco Osuna and at that moment i wanted to be a dj ... its funny because a few years later I started to work with Paco on his label and we became good friends haha.


What release would you say really kick started your career?


The release that started to give me more exposure was my first release "Shake your mind"  on Mindshake Records in 2013 ,I started to play on the label showcases around the world since that time...


This is a hard question for a lot of DJ’s out there but what would you say your most memorable gig was? You can only pick one!


MMM hard question haha , but probably the most intense experience form me, was to play at Mandarine Park in Buenos Aires in 2015. It was awesome, the Argentine people are super crazy and they really enjoyed my Live act , It was awesome!


You’ve become a vital player for Mindshake with some great releases. Could you tell us a little bit about how your relationship with Paco Osuna came about?


Its was fun , My first techno party as a clubber was in 2003 , and I saw Paco doing the closing set . 1o years later i was doing music  releasing and sending demos to other labels as mindshake . I had the chance to see Paco in some festivals and clubs and he was playing some of my tracks... One day in one club he was playing some of my stuff and my friends told me to talk to him ... I was lucky because I had the chance to be close to him and say Hi!! He looked at me with an angry face haha and I said I was Fer the one of the track , he told me no Fer is from South America haha and I said no no I'm from Spain man haha then he gave me his mail coz he wanted to release my music on Mindshake .... and since that time we became very good friends..


Have you got any new releases in the pipeline we can look forward to?


I'm working on a EP with a very talended Colombian artist , friend , Sean Random  for Mindshake Records . then i will finish some remixes and finishing originals . then lest see if i sign them in the label I want haha


Can you tell us a little bit about your setup when DJ’ing and producing? (Hardware, VST, Preferred method of DJ’ing)


In production i work with Ableton Live with push... it make my life easier. I like a lot the Arturia V collection for snths and basslines. For my dj sets i use Traktor and ableton live , with Allen heath k2 controller and Push and a motu ultralite mk4 soundcard , the sound is awesome.  I'm still using the Xone 92 but i'm thinking into switch to Model One... 

What producers are you feeling right now that we should keep an eye on?


I like a lot Luca Donzelli , Egbert , and Sean Random. they are making big bombs that works pretty good on the dancefloor.


For any new DJ/Producer starting a career in music, what is one piece of advice you can give?


Less is more for everything... don't release a lot of music , choose the good ones and try to get good labels... everything comes with hard work!!

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