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Hello Maksim! Thank you for taking the time to be with us. Where are you in the world right now? 

Hello Guys, thank you for contacting me. Now I'm in Mongolia.

You have a very unique sound. Can you tell us a little bit about how your sound developed? 

I started making music when I was still at school it was 8 years ago, I did not have the money even to buy good monitors, I had to write music on the speakers that were, they were very small and cracked, haha. I could just sit in Ableton for 24 hours , I was shining it a lot of time, Sometimes I did not even go to school to finish the track and 7 months later I released my first release. I was very interested in making music.


What inspires you? 

I was inspired by such musicians as - Boris Brejcha, Oliver Huntemann, Dubfire, Stephan Bodzin, Dusty Kid. Gaiser.

I did not have the Internet before the age of 14, but when I heard their music on one party, I was shocked,I heard their tracks that were 2006-2009 and it sounded unusual. When I had the Internet, I started to get all the tracks of these guys, basically they inspired me on the way of creating music. Now I have made a remix for - Oliver Huntemann and Dubfire. I never could have thought that I would do it, for those who inspired me.


You seem to be a regular contributor now for Ali’s SCI + TEC. Would you say this is what really kick started your career?

It was a big surprise for me, as long time ago I sent a promo Dubfire, these tracks were not signed, and in 2 weeks I get a message from him on the Facebook. He say, I liked your promo tracks, but I do not see them on the Beatport, maybe we'll release them on SCI+TEC? I was in shock, I initially did not believe it, and said yes of course I'm in the game 100%. In the larger case, I call it just luck and a good day. I started doing other releases for his label. Because it betrayed me even more motivation. I made a track called "Basserwiser" Ali loved this track, he played this track everywere on every party, more than a year! The first time I saw a video where he plays this track, he posted a video on his facebook page, and wrote that this is a track of a talented musician from Russia, and people on the video were very positive, this track impressed them! He gave me a big push and helped me more, for which I am very grateful! He just saw the talent in me! And decided to reveal me techno to the public. 

When he played in Moscow, he also asked promoters about me to make a booking for me to play with him in SPACE MOSCOW CLUB! This was the best time of my life. 

From what we understand you’re from Russia? Can you tell us a little bit about what the Techno scene is like out there?


Yes i am from Russia, People here are very fond of techno, but recently there are not too many techno parties, there are several festivals every year, and there are a some party. They rent a club and make a techno party there, for people who love it, they support this style in every way! People in my city long to see someone from the DRUMCODE such as : Adam Beyer, Julian Jeweil and many more. If these guys would have come here, then all the tickets were sold out, I'm sure. And some DJ's do not consider playing in Russia. Or they ask for an unreal amount of money. There are very good people who always welcome DJ's, Boris Brejcha played here so much time's, everyone in Russia know Boris Brejcha, Oliver Huntemann also played here, and this guys was really happy.Russia is a good place! Here we always welcome foreign DJs!

It looks like you’ve had quite a few international bookings now. What would you say your most memorable gig has been to date?

The last two years I've played in many places, The most not forgotten its GO:MADRAS FESTIVAL (India), MAURITIUS ISLAND, ARGENTINA. In March 2018, I flew from argentina, i had 2 paty's In Buenos Aires and Mar Del Plata, In Argentina are simply amazing people, caring and joyful. It was my first visit to South America, I will never forget it! If I have to go there for the second time, I just pack my suitcase and food without hesitation!


Can you tell us a little bit about your studio setup?


I make music in Ableton Live. I have an ordinary room with two speakers ADAM Arist 3, microphone for vocal, and a couple of bass traps, its all. I do not have synthesizers and everything else.

When creating a track., what would you say your most favourite piece of equipment is? (VST/Hardware)

I love Arturia Collection, I love Native Instuments Collection, and love Trilian VST, for Bass. Trilian number one for me. 

Are there any producers right now you think the world should be keeping an eye on?

Now really, a lot of talented producers, so hard to stand out. Nowadays, more large-scale Internet, a person can download some VST and create a hit track. 10 years ago, there was not so much everything. Because I like more of the underground music, I very like Egbert, Julian Jeweil, Township Rebellion, Andre Winter, DJ Lion, Carbon, Hatzler, Sian, I think these guys are worth watching.


Can we expect anything new from you soon and can we catch you playing anywhere in the coming months?


In April i will play - Germany, Mongolia. As of May I get the dates very soon. In June i will play on "Soon Libre Festival"  with Oliver Huntemann, Julian Jeweil,  Township Rebellion and many more Artist's. Looking forward this!

If you could give one piece of advice to any aspiring Producer/DJ out there what would it be?

I can give advice in no hurry, and approach everything with great patience, work more on the quality of the tracks and then release. I advise producers to carefully select labels that have a good promotion. I made a big mistake when I released the first release in not very good quality, I was in too much of a hurry, I was very young and did not understand much in terms of labels and releases. I wish everyone success and confidence in themselves, believe in your powers, dream and everything will turn out.

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