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Hello Sebastian thank you for being with us. Where in the world are you right now?

Thank you for the invitation...I am currently in Colombia.  


Can you tell us a little bit about how you first got into Electronic Music?

Approximately 10 years ago, the first time I went to an electronic music club I fell in love with all its surroundings, but the most special thing that happened was that whenever I went to a party, I wanted to know what was behind all that, among those things, how the music I was listening to was made. From then on, I started to research a lot about this whole industry.


You’ve released some top music on the likes of Mindshake, Stereo Productions, Great Stuff and Say What. Can we expect anything new from you soon?


Yes, I'm working on various tracks ... It's time to spend as much time as possible in the studio, I'm very happy with the result and I'm sure great things are coming up.



You seem to have regular gigs in your home country, what’s the scene like out there… Is there a certain sound that the people of Columbia just love?

It's very good, there are good things! all the genres have their space sometimes not as accepted as others and it is a sad thing that they continue with such a closed ideology but in the same way it is very strong. There are many parties in clubs and festivals every weekend, although it does not mean that massive is good, but the public is starting to appreciate more artists who make music. In conclusion,  is a country where there are public for every kind of electronic music.


Where would you say your favourite gig has been to date?

I have so much greats moments from a lot of countries, my gigs in Guatemala, México pure fire. These two places were like my second home but i can say Club4 / Barcelona is very special for me...still in my head!!!


What kind of setup do you have in your studio and what’s your favourite bit of kit when you’re producing? (Hardware, VST)

I work in two software's: Ableton Live & FL Studio. In addition, my Maschine MK1 is one of my favorite tools for my drums, synths...anything, Monitors KRK, Avid Mbox and some of my favorites vst: Spire, Sylenth, Sitrus, Subboombass...I love recording voices with the microphone.


What inspires you when making a new track and can you tell us about the procedure you go through when starting something new?

Listening to some artists that I like and are great influences for me is the key when I start to produce something, it really motivates me to listen to their new music or things that they are working in their studio besides a peaceful environment in my workplace. Everything comes up,  it helps me to be very patient in everything I do. I am extremely precise and I must have a strong base of at least 10 seconds, if this makes me dance for a long time it means that it's working and I can move forward, sometimes I take a break to listen to another kind of music like indie, rock etc., also helps.


Are there any artists right now that you feel people should be keeping an eye on?

Yes there are, people should take a look to Fer BR, The Mekanism, Alvaro AM, The Cocodrills, Carloh, Hector Diez.



If you could give one piece of advice to anyone that is thinking about or starting a career as a DJ/Producer what would it be?

They should work hardly, putting effort, discipline and ardworking, great things can be achieved. Also, being patient is the key to everything.



Can we see you playing anywhere over the next few months?

I have scheduled  some cities in my country. I'm focused on spending time in the studio until my next tour. We are thinking with the Dual Agency to play in Europe, something very extensive in Spain is the idea...can’t wait to be back.

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