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Hello Ron, thanks for taking the time to speak with us at Virtus, where in the world are you right now?

Hi, thanks for having me! I’m actually in Paris, I have just returned from Manchester, it was so great to be back, the crowd was incredible! Always a great pleasure to play in UK!

Tell us about how you first became interested in electronic music, specifically Techno & when you decide to become a DJ?

I started as a DJs, It’s a family thing, my father and my uncle were djs. I always been attracted to music because of them. It was like a good virus in the family. My uncle had his own vinyl shop and he made me discover the funk & house music and naturally after some years, I turned into techno.

Your first Ron Costa release was back in 2007 and you have come a long way since then, releasing on Tronic, Octopus, Sci+Tec & Potobolo...what is your favourite piece of music you have written in the last 10 years? You can only pick one!

It’s very hard to say because I have some difficulties to judge my own music but I would say GEZ URI because it helps a lot in my career to recognize my style.

Your label, Potobolo Records was formed shortly after your very first release...did you always have it in mind that you wanted to have your own label?

For me, it was a natural patch because sometimes I want to release something else, something more underground and Potobolo was a good way to express myself as a producer.

What can we look forward to up next on Potobolo from either yourself or other artists?

I’m actually working on a new EP for Potobolo, it would be available before summer. Actually, we are receiving some nice demos so we are working on planning some EP from other artists too.

You have played gigs all over the world, where would you say has been your favourite place to go so far?

I have so much good souvenir from a lot of countries, very hard to pick one! The welcome is always incredible, the crowd is so hot everytime! Some countries have marked my gigs though like South Africa, Bulgaria, Japan, Germany and UK!

What producers do you really like at the moment that you love to play in your sets?

DJOKO is actually doing a great job, he just did a release on Potobolo, we are really happy to have him on board. I play different kind of techno like Flug, Lander B, Carlo Ruetz, Carlo Lio etc

When writing music, is there any piece of hardware/software plug-in that you love to use in all your tracks?

Yes, I think for the WAVES PLUGINS are very strong for a lot of things, especially the treatment, I use them a LOT. I also like the brand of plugs called Brainworx, all these plugins combined can offer a really and interesting treatment for your tracks. Concerning VST, I like ATMOSPHERE who can offer me some interesting soundscapes for my background. But in my track I also really like to record some noises and ambient to put them in my productions, sometimes it gives a really amazing grain.

Can you give one piece of advice to anyone starting out in their career as a DJ/Producer?

The best advice I can give is to be simple in your productions, have your own touch because today we can hear a lot of copies and copies of tracks already released. Sometimes, when you think your track is incomplete is better to take a break and think about it because your track maybe doesn’t need anything else and can be denatured by

your next move.

Where can we see you play next?

Cumac is actually working on a Tour in Central America, I’ll play in Guatemala and Nicaragua. I’m also happy to announce i wil play in Beirut, Cologne. A festival in FRANCE in June, after Spain. For the upcoming months I’ll also play in the legendary SUB CLUB in Glasgow, a tour in US etc For some countries like Nicaragua it will be the first time so I’m so thrilled to discover these new venues.

Check out Ron Costa's amazing new EP on Potobolo Records here

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