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Hello Anna, thanks for taking the time to speak to us at Virtus, where in the world are you right now?

Hey guys, thank you for the invitation! Right now I am in Athens at my studio, trying to sort out cables cause they’re quite messed up!

How did you first become interested in electronic music, specifically Techno?

Um. I am a musician. Which means that I pretty much study music forever. My father was a musician also and a great composer too. He worked with really important names of the 80’s and 90’s in electronic music, collaborating with some of the pioneers of electronic sounds, not necessarily dance music. I found my self at the age of 11 having composed my first full track, on my dad’s Amiga and I knew how my life would be from there on.
But since you are referring to Techno, I always had a passion for dance music, and I can definitely say that my biggest influence was Pig&Dan and before them, Italian acid house and British underground breakbeat movement that was played in the house I grew up 24/7 by my dad, despite my sister’s objections (she was into rock music lol).

Your previous releases include Elevate, Respekt, Funk N' Deep & your own label Voltage...what's next for you in terms of upcoming music?


Well, to be honest with you I don’t really like to announce things before they’re official, I hope you know what I mean. I got some good releases coming up but I don’t really like to brag about getting on labels. When they’re official, I will let everybody know! All I can say is that I don’t produce “label specific” music anymore. I just do my thing and after that, I try to think what label would be the one to host it.


Can you name you favourite track of your career so far you have written? You can only pick one!

Uff, does it have to be mine? lol

Well if I can choose 3, I would definitely go for “Cryogenesis”, released on Familia and remixed by Arjun Vagale and The Reaktivitz. Um then, for sure I would point out “Bauxite”, released on Respekt, a dirty track with grungy electric guitars and huge huge HUGE drums and lastly one of my future releases on ELEVATE, not yet released though, a track called “Neuronic”, which signifies my new musical style and the way I’m gonna go from
now on. Can I add one more? lol My remix on Skober for “I need it raw”, released on VOLTAGE.

Your own label, Voltage has gone from strength to strength since its birth back in early 2017...what is next for the label with artists set to release there?

Well, VOLTAGE is more than a label for us. It’s two things actually. A concept and a family. We are an artist focusing label and we pay a lot of attention to the actual creators. Next up is a release from Israeli based artist Indepth with a really different EP called “The Beyond” and after that we will be releasing Zakari & Blange with remixes from Luca Gaeta and Alen Milivojevic and later on a major release from Spektre remixed by artists I can’t
disclose at the moment. But have in mind that although we do want big artists on board, for us, first is the good, original, solid, powerful Techno, wherever this comes from. We dream on getting VOLTAGE to be an influential player in Techno, introducing talents and bringing them out to the world with great quality stuff.

You are now hosting Voltage showcases, tell us about how this started and the plans for the events in the future?

Well, most labels host showcases, don't they? Unless you are referring to our VOLTAGE gigs series. If you’re referring to them, I can tell you that they’re a part of our philosophy. We want to get people acquainted with the power of Techno, and this is why we do it. This is not a money-making scheme for us, It represents the philosophy of the whole VOLTAGE team and we intend to continue doing so.

When writing music, what is one piece of hardware/software plug-in that you just love to use in your tracks?

Hahaha I’ve been asked again and it took me 20 minutes to decide! Well, you are talking to someone who spends every penny she makes in gear - okay and shoes hahaha. Right now my studio is completely capable of producing a 100% hardware track, a project I’ve been working on for the past 6 months. It slowed down my releases, because a) tracks take ages to complete with hardware only and b) I had to familiarise my self with the new composing reality.

To answer your question though, I think my favourite pieces of gear are my Roland System-1 and my Oberheim OB1.

What producers are you really digging in your sets at the moment?

David Bau, JSPR, Umek, Durtysoxxx, Yan Oxygen, Spektre, Pig&Dan, M.I.T.A., Alberto Ruiz and quite more actually!


Can you give one piece of advice to anyone about to start a career as a DJ/Producer?

These are 2 completely different things. Being a producer doesn't mean that you have to be a DJ and vice versa. Well the advices I have for people starting off, are 3:
1. If you really want to do it, you have to really devote yourself to it and the trick is to never stop, no matter the rejections you will suffer - cause you will!
2. Don’t brag about your achievements. Share your happiness instead. This is about music first, and then you.
3. Don’t be eager. Don’t be pushy. Music is a slow evolving process and it takes a lot of time, from producing to releasing so you gotta be prepared for a long term relationship with your passion!

Where can we see you play next?

Next up I am playing at Factory 126 at Sofia, Bulgaria with Spektre, Skober, Luca Gaeta and Nikolay Kirov and after that I am playing at SIX D.o.g.s. in Athens, with Dense & Pika, V-Rox and Phaedon, you coming? Drinks on me!

Check out Anna's latest music here

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