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Hello Sinisa, thanks for taking the time to speak with Virtus. Where in the world are you right now?


You are welcome, thanks for the invite! At the moment I’m in my hometown Banja Luka in Bosnia And Herzegovina.


You have played some big gigs in your career with many more to come, what has been your favourite so far (if it's possible to name just one) and what are you most looking forward to next?


There have been a lot of great gigs and each of those that I’ve enjoyed the most have had a different character and vibe. It’s really difficult to name only one but let’s say last year I really loved the gig with Hotel 82, at Terazza Open Air in Valencia, Spain. We are trying to set up a lot of gigs for 2018 so I hope I will play in some new countries which I have never been to yet.


Your first releases were back in early 2000's, tell us about how you got into music production and how your sound has evolved over the years to now?


First I was only a DJ and my main priorities were playing in clubs and sharing the music with the crowd. After a few years, I felt a desire to play something that I’d produced and to try the sound of my first productions in the clubs. It took a lot of time to develop my original sound and instantly I fall in love with music production. Producing my own music gave me more possibilities to express myself while playing DJ sets and I could play more of my own unreleased music and make my set more unique. My sound was evolving and changing during the years from house to techno, to funky dancefloor movers then to a darker techno side of mine. These days, I have a completely different approach to producing music then before and that brought me into some new satisfaction and possibilities of creating more different ideas and to expand my sound into other directions.


You have released many times on SCI+TEC, how did your relationship with Dubfire come about and do you plan to release there more in the future?


I was so happy when Dubfire started to play my music, not sure how he discovered my tracks but after that we got in touch with skype and that’s how I signed my first EP on SCI+TEC called Waking Up. Later on I was regulary releasing for SCI+TEC.  Yes I have a plan to continue to release on Dubfire’s label so let’s see if the new sound I make these days will fit to SCI+TEC.


 Your very own imprint, Night Light has hosted some of the worlds finest talent since it's birth, what are your plans moving forward with the label and what artists & releases should we be excited about?

Night Light Records was always about groovy driving sounds and production with fat, deep bass lines. These days, music has changed a lot and also a lot of producers took different paths with their music. We slowed down with releases at the moment and we are carefully changing the sound and looking for something new while still trying to keep the signature of the label. Not an easy quest, but we will not follow the main stream techno and rather release less music until we discover some new talents and music which we dig at the moment.


What producers are you really enjoying playing in your sets at the moment?

I’m playing a lot of tracks from different producers and these days I use a lot of music and grooves as tools for my sets so most of the time they are from different producers. I can name you a few producers from my recent recorded set such as Mark Reeve, Wigbert, Raxon, Wehbba, Drunken Kong and more!


When you are writing music, are there any particular plug-ins or pieces of hardware you just always love to use?


These days I create everything with hardware, I’m building my modular eurorack synth and most of my melodies, FXs, pads and percussive sounds come from there. Mother 32 Moog in combination with my Pittsburgh Waveform and Mutable Instruments Braid oscillator and some Make Noise modules are my favourite satisfactions at the moment. My favourite plugin which I use the most to expand stereo and add delays on my recorded sounds is Replika from Native Instruments.


Finally, for aspiring producers...what is one piece of advise you could give to them?

Firstly, they should try to get their own sound and to let their imagination create something original without copying what is trendy at the moment. Of course hard work is always important to reach decent quality with the sound and production so just a good pair of sound speakers and sharp ears are enough to achieve your dreams! 



Check out Sinisa's latest release 'Way Back' on Christian Smith's imprint Tronic here!

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