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Thanks for taking the time to chat with us at Virtus! Where are you in the world right now?


I am currently working very hard to release fresh tracks on my own label Hot Key and producing tracks for other well-known and prestigious labels. I have also started a new project called Atbloom. This psychedelic trance project breaks the ground after many years, looking forward to see the light with the aim of expressing all my passion and feelings about this music style. My long career as a music producer gives me a solid professional experience to embrace this exciting project with the aim of walking with my two styles simultaneously, techno and psychedelic trance (night time forest sound style).


You have been a part of the club scene for a long time now, specifically in Spain...tell us how you first got in to becoming a DJ and can you remember your first big gig?


I started DJing 20 years ago, pushed by my father because he was a passionate of electronic music. Then, there was no Techno style that we know now, so my first mixes were of Makina style. I remember that my first gig was in a well-known macro-discotheque, La Festa and I had the opportunity to share a booth with the DJs who at that time were the greats of the moment.


Elrow is a huge global brand and something that you made a big name for yourself while a resident, how did the residency come about and what made you decide to move on to different things in the end?


Yes, TheRow is a great brand that plays in the first league but I also have to tell you that before being part of the row I already had a consolidated career as producer with more than 100 vinyl on the market. The residence in the row arose because I was previously a resident dj of Florida 135 and the owner of both clubs decided to include me in TheRow's resident team. What made me decide to leave these mark was to bet at that time for my solo career.


What has been your best gig of your career so far and the best part of the world you have had the pleasure to DJ?


I don´t know exactly which gig was the best for me. I had a lot of good moments in my career. I´ve played in too much places of the world like in Asia, Latin America and all of Europe but if I have to choose one I think that would be Rex Club (Paris) as a club and Monegros as a festival.


As a producer, you have released on some great labels including Bitten, Stickrecordings, Form and Night Light as well as your own Hot Key imprint. What is next for you regarding releases?


Currently I am working on an album that probably I will release in my own label, Hot Key. Also, I have finished other tracks that will release coming soon: a limited edition at Reload Family, label of YellowHeads, a remix for Eric Sneo on Code label, a remix for Kalden Bess on Consumed Music label, a remix for Devid Dega & Dok Martin on Gain Records. Also, I am working in original tracks for labels like a Bitten and many more to confirm…


Tell us about how you went about the process of creating your new album and which track do you love the most? You can only pick one!


First, in order to start an album you have to have a macro idea that makes a common thread between the different tracks and then each one of the tracks is treated as a different story. My album collects from old projects that have not seen the light and I've updated them to totally new projects, I also have dance floor tracks or tracks that do not have a hype and are not for club. I still have not finished the album and I cannot choose a track ... if you want in a few months we will talk again. ;)


Your brand Hot Key not only releases fantastic music but you also create sample packs for other producers to use in their own music, what is the next upcoming releases on both the label and the sample library?


The coming releases in Hot Key are OverDrive by Alberto Ruiz and the next one is Orizon by Envel and the next one is White Shot by me.  Also, in my sample library, 48 kHz, is Raw2 by Envel and myself.


When you are writing music, which is your favourite piece of hardware or plug in you love to use the most?


When I produce I usually work with my Analog Rytm and TR8 to create drums and percussions. For the melodies, pads and fxs I use a lot of different plugs like U-he, Serum, Sylenth, Spectral, Native Instruments, Arturia, Sound Toys, UAD, Sonalkis and many more.


What piece of advice would you give to someone about to start a career in making techno music?


My advice to someone who wants to start to produce techno music is, first and very important, that he/she has a music culture, that no produce fashionable music or study and well-know the hardwares and softwares made for make music.


Where can we see you play next?


I will be play in some Spanish or European clubs and also in South America.

Take a listen to Raul Mezcolanza's fantastic new EP 'Be Back' which is set for 27th November release on Reload Black here


To keep up to date with Raul, follow his Instagram here

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