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Hello guys, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with Virtus. Where in the world are you both right now?


Paul: We’re in the studio at my place in Sheffield.


You have played some big gigs in your Spektre careers with many more to come, what has been your favourite so far (if it's possible to name just one) and what are you most looking forward to next?


Paul: Hyperspace in Hungary, alongside Carl Cox was a big one, as well as Space Ibiza.


Rich: Yeah definitely closing the inside of Space after James Zabiela was unforgettable. Also we did a rather special ADE event once at Undercurrent in Amsterdam.


Your productions have gone from strength to strength over the last few years, can you tell us what's up coming to keep our eyes & ears peeled for?


Rich: Obviously we have just had our biggest release to date on Drumcode, which is huge for us. Next up we have releases coming on Elevate, Odd, Kraftek and Funk N’Deep. We’ve also just started a collaboration project with Pleasurekraft, but I’m not allowed to talk about that!


How did your Drumcode release come about & is this just the start of a good relationship between Spektre & Drumcode?


Paul: Hopefully! Adam has been playing our stuff for ages now, so it’s great to back that up with a release on the label. Working more with them in the future is definitely on the agenda.


Rich: Super proud to join the Drumcode family. Something we have been working towards for many years. Hopefully our relationship will continue to grow and we can follow up A-Sides with a full EP release.


Your very own techno baby, Respekt Recordings has hosted some of the worlds finest talent since it's birth, what are your plans moving forward with the label and what artists & releases should we be excited about?


Paul: Well, our current release is by the lovely Joe Blake, so definitely go and get that one! Next up is a big compilation for ADE, featuring all our label favourites, then in November we have a big on of ours, called “Forged in the Heart of a Laserbeam”, which has been getting a huge reaction everywhere we play it.


Rich: We’ve also just got back from a hugely successful label event with the Techno Tuesdays crew at Melkweg in Amsterdam. Something we are looking to continue into next year. Growing the brand and touring with some label parties.


Paul, for those that don't know, can you tell us more about your project Vertical Drop, the inspiration behind the music and what's to come in the future?


Paul: It’s kind of a rave-inspired, breakbeat-infused melting pot of sounds, which I’m still developing. Did a couple of live shows with it for Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave brand earlier this year which went great, so keep your eyes peeled for more.


Rich, you have released some stellar music under your own name over the years including a recent output on Suara, what does the future hold & where can we expect to see you release next?


Rich: My next releases are coming up on Resonance, Roush, Be One and Twisted Fusion. House has always been my roots, but techno is my passion! 


Paul, what is your go-to plug in you just love using when writing music?


Paul: U-He Diva, no question. Love that thing!


...and Rich?


Rich: I’d have to say U-He’s Hive but I have recently bought the new Re-Pro as well and it looks like it might take top spot pretty fast.

Paul: We’re full on U-He fanboys if you hadn’t noticed haha!


Finally, for aspiring producers that have seen your career paths & productions excel year on year...what is one piece of advise you could give to them?


Paul: Always listen to lots of music from different places. Taking influences from outside of the obvious is the best way to keep your music fresh and avoid being derivative.


Rich: I know its a cliche but two heads are better than one. Always run your music past a trusted pair of ears. And live with it for a couple of weeks, playing it out if possible, before sending to any labels. Sending demos out before they are ready is one of the most common mistakes made by aspiring producers. 

Check out Spektre's amazing new record on Drumcode as well as all their other releases & live sets here.

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