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It's that time of year once again when the whole of the electronic music community accross the world ascends onto Amsterdam for the annual ADE. Now if you aren't aware of ADE firstly keep reading and secondly where the hell have you been?!
Across 5 days, Amsterdam becomes transformed into a constant stream of events ranging from the tens of thousands pouring into the Ziggo Dome to 20 die hard deep house fans bopping their heads next to a thumping bass bin in a tiny bar in the centre of the city.
With so much choice, it can become a bit of a head f**k deciding where to go...but let me tell you one thing that is almost a certainty: There is nothing better that you could possibly be doing on a Thursday afternoon in Amsterdam than to head down to the debut ADE event of Pursuit at Le Nouveau Riche. The line up top class artists speaks for itself and with tickets currently priced at 5 euro, this just might well be the biggest deal of the week. 

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